MICS Compiler

The MICS Compiler is a user-friendly interface which can be used to access MICS survey results, as tables and graphs, for selected surveys and indicators. At present, results can be disaggregated by urban and rural areas for each survey.

At present, MICS Compiler includes results from 26 MICS3 surveys, on 39 indicators, by urban and rural areas. In the second phase of the Compiler's development, the remaining MICS3 surveys and indicators will be included, MICS4 surveys will be added as they become available, mapping capability will be introduced, and results will be made available by using other disaggregatuons, such as the wealth index.

The table above is an example produced by using the MICS Compiler - anthropometric indicators for 5 West and Central African countries.



MICS on Wikipedia

MICS is now on Wikipedia. Currently the MICS wikipedia entry includes general information on MICS, and a list of countries that have conducted MICS surveys. The list is presently confined to those countries that took part in MICS1 and MICS2, and will be updated shortly.




The official website for the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys is http://www.childinfo.org/.

The site is maintained by the Statistics and Monitoring Section, of the Division of Policy and Practice at UNICEF Headquarters, New York. The site does not only host MICS. It is also the main website of UNICEF's statistical databases, estimates and analyses. Here is a screen shot of the opening page of childinfo.org.

The New York MICS Team, in collaboration with the dissemination experts (Daniel Vadnais and Laxmisubha Venkatraman) in the Statistics and Monitoring Section are working towards making the MICS pages even more useful and informative than in the past.

Please do not hesitate to send us any specific comments you may have on how the MICS pages on http://www.childinfo.org/ should be further developed.